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Getting the Most from Insurance

The year is over half over. Get the most out of your insurance benefits before the New Year begins, and a new deductible with it.

You pay for your insurance benefits, and are entitled to use the full amount allocated to you each year. If you don't use the full amount by December 31, 2013, any unused dollars will be lost forever.

  • Yearly Maximum - Unused benefits do not typically rollover, so you should try to meet your annual maximum, if possible. Remember, your 2013 acupuncture benefits and flexible spending account will expire at the end of December.
  • Deductibles - If you have already met this requirement for this year, you may continue to receive insurance coverage for treatments until December 31st. Beginning in January, you must again satisfy this requirement before receiving coverage for treatments.
  • Symptoms May Worsen - Why take a chance? As the change in season brings cooler temperatures, symptoms may become worse. A regular acupuncture treatment can support a smooth transition into fall and winter.

Don't let your renewal date pass by without notice. I want your out-of-pocket costs kept to a minimum, and your New Year to start out healthy and happy. Please call our office a (240) 603-7272 to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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