First Visit Expectations

Learn what to expect on your first visit

By choosing acupuncture and Chinese medicine, you are choosing to embark on a new journey of health and well-being.

Your initial acupuncture visit takes one to two hours and includes:

  • A detailed health history:
    We will ask you a wide range of questions about your symptoms, your eating and exercise patterns, your sleep habits, and your emotional states. While a full discussion about your health history is helpful in guiding your treatment plan, you are encouraged to share only that with which you feel comfortable.
  • Important Forms for Your 1st Visit
  • A diagnostic exam
  • An acupuncture treatment
  • Development of a treatment plan:
    One that reflects your health goals. Together, we will set benchmarks for success so that you can measure and track your healing progress.

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Video Introduction

Treatment Frequency:

Your health needs will determine the frequency of treatment with acupuncture and whether to begin a regimen of herbal medications. Many patients begin acupuncture treatment to receive quick relief from physical pain and discomfort from major emotional struggles. Others are seeking support in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Getting Relief:

If your symptoms are noticeable, frequent, and/or have been long-term, you may benefit from consistent treatments over a period of time. Depending on your unique concerns, you may be encouraged to make frequent visits over a period of weeks or months to promote sustained recovery. Each visit builds on previous visits, paving the way toward eliminating your problems and concerns. Your age, lifestyle and the quality and quantity of your Qi energy determine treatment care. Qi energy is explained in the video above.

Best Practices:

Our practitioners engage in a continuous quality care improvement process. We stay abreast of the latest recommendations for quality care and our practitioners are leaders in developing “Best Practices” for the field of acupuncture using evidence-based treatment planning.

Staying Healthy:

Once your immediate needs and underlying concerns have been addressed, you are encouraged to move to a maintenance schedule of treatment. This type of care preserves the initial progress you have made. Visits may be monthly or seasonally. Preventative care strengthens your body’s core energy, keeping you healthy, balanced and potentially free from illness. Similar to preventative dental or gynecological appointments, regular acupuncture visits often ensure that small problems are treated before they become major concerns.

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